Saturday, November 29, 2008


We saw Twilight after Thanksgiving dinner and I am in love with this movie.  I've always loved a good Vampire flick - including Bram Stoker's Dracula with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder , and Interview with a Vampire with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.  Twilight  has definitely captured my heart  and I can't wait till it comes out on DVD so I can enjoy it all over again.   The love story is so overwhelming and intense - there were scenes that touched my heart and soul  so deeply that I actually had to hold back tears .  I must admit it saddens me a bit because I am afraid of how it will all end .  I haven't had a chance to read any of the books but as soon as I am finished the book I am currently reading I will be starting with this series.

Rob Pattinson is simply gorgeous forever with him wouldn't be such a bad idea :)  I loved him as Cedric in Harry Potter but this role suits him even better .  I also adore the soundtrack to the movie - so many great songs - my two favorites being Flightless Bird - American Mouth by Iron and Wine ..... and..... Never Think by Rob Pattinson!  I never realized it was him until I bought the soundtrack  .  This song gives me goosebumps - the words are  hauntingly beautiful.   He also co-wrote the song - here are the lyrics:


Rob Pattinson  :  Never Think Lyrics

I should never think
What's in your heart
What's in our home
So I won't

You'll learn to hate me
But still call me baby
Oh love
So call me by my name

And save your soul
Save your soul
Before you're too far gone
Before nothing can be done

I'll try to decide when
She'll lie in the end
I ain't got no fight in me
In this whole damn world
Tell you to hold off
You choose to hold on
It's the one thing that I've known

Once I put my coat on
I'm coming out in this all wrong
She's standing outside holding me
Saying oh please
I'm in love
I'm in love

Girl save your soul
Go on save your soul
Before it's too far gone
And before nothing can be done

'Cause without me
You got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Hold on


If you haven't already seen the movie I definitely recommend it!


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