Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last leaves of Autumn


This picture was taken a couple days ago when there were still a few leaves clinging to its the tree in our front yard is totally bare .. the fun of cleaning up all the leaves is still ahead of us !  Can you see the gorgeous Crow in the image above?  There is a family of 3 Crows that have been living in the area for quite sometime and they recently have been hanging around our house...I leave peanuts out every morning for our little squirrel friends and the Crows have been taking a treat here and there as well.  I was finally able to get a few much clearer images of these beauties .. they are my favorite winged creature..

Here is an action shot - the squirrel appears to be jumping over the Crow! 




I have really been enjoying their visits each morning, I sit at the window with my cup of tea and admire them.

I've also been indulging in the latest magazine offerings ... I am a bit of a magazine lover and my favorite issues are always the ones from october - December.  The covers this year are breathtaking and inspiring!  I am particularly excited about the Cloth, Paper, Scissors issue - just look at those sparkly and glimmery snowmen!!  How perfect for our upcoming Snowman Winter Wonderland swap! 


I will be e-mailing swap partners tomorrow so we can get started! 

There is also another gorgeous magazine that I want to share with you - it is pretty new , the Fall issue was the premiere issue .  I just bought the winter one and it looks wonderfully captivating as well!!




I also have an idea for a fun and festive Valentine swap- I know it's early ..but I am hoping to get many participants interested in this one so I will be getting all the specifics together and will be posting about it in late December !

I'm going to grab an Espresso Truffle from Starbucks .. they are quite addicting..and curl up in a chair this evening with a magazine or two!  I hope you get the chance to do the same !











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