Monday, October 20, 2008

Scarecrows, Ravens and Pumpkins, oh my..

We were strolling around Peddlers Village on Sunday after we had a delicious dinner at Hart's Tavern for my b-day and I came across this wonderful display for my favorite store : Artisan's Gallery.

They have the coolest creations by artists who are local and out of state , alot of one of a kind pieces as well.  I adore the primitive style of these little guys ... I really wanted the raven to fly home with me !




Their Scarecrow competition is over but they leave them up for everyone to see until Halloween. I missed this sinister looking creation the last time we were there .. he won 3rd place in the Whirligig style - his name is Hollow Man . The picture does not do him justice ... he really is quite scary.



There are many farms in this area and as we passed this one on the way home I had to check out the scarecrows with pumpkin heads that they had adorning the driveway..some really great ideas here!

Dogs and Cats playing poker:


The Jonas Bothers - my daughter loved this one !


My favorite was Jack and Sally , I really need to make these for my front yard  next year..



This farm is absolutely beautiful - I would love to get up every morning and see this from my window ..


And the house itself is something I have always dreamed of owning ... I can picture myself sitting on the porch with a good book and some hot chocolate!


It's always nice to dream isn't it ?

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  1. Loved the pix. I can see why you'd want the crow to fly home with you. He's so cute!
    That style home would make for a GREAT haunted mansion.
    Happy nightmares,
    Daydreamer :)