Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sam I am

I was in Barnes and Noble the other night and my eyes caught the sight of this awesome book cover .... I almost let out a little "eep" of joy ....


There were only 2 copies so I quickly grabbed one and without even looking inside I knew I had to have it !  Once I turned a few pages I was hooked and it came home with me . It is actually a movie that should have been in the theaters this Halloween but to my disappointment the release date has been delayed . The book is probably one of the coolest books I own and when the movie does finally come out I will be there on opening night.  If you like creepy you will love this book - full color images throughout and lots of Halloween lore as well .

The little guy on the cover is Sam ... he is cuddly and creepy at the same time..his mask is beyond cool.  They actually have a 15 inch vinyl doll - I found it online and of course had to buy him as well.... he may be on my doorstep Halloween night to greet the trick r' treaters ...I'll post photos of him when he arrives!


  1. I love Halloween books and I haven't seen this one! Unfortunately I don't live near any large bookstores but if I get a chance to get to one before the month is through, I'll definitely look for this one!

  2. It looks Wonderful!
    Happy Halloween!