Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring has sprung ....

And new stuff is in the shop !    I've been a busy little bee creating up a storm in my studio.  I have so many other ideas all just waiting for some free time to be had ... but for now I hope you enjoy these pretties.  Check them all out in my shop :)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mini Sneak Peek....

Christmas inventory is complete and what I have left in the shop is what is left .. there is still time to order and have it in time for Christmas. If you order by saturday night I can send it out priority mail on  Monday.. you will just need to pay the extra shipping for a small priority sized mailer.

I have a few mini journals in the works and hope to have these up sometime next week...I will be sure to share them here and on my Instagram :)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Best tree of all

It's December 12 and it was 70 degrees today -- I seriously can't remember the last time it was this warm this time of the year. This may have been a first !  Last year we were freezing our butts off picking out our tree...this year was very enjoyable and we could walk around and really take our time choosing just the right one !  But first it was my honey's birthday and he wanted to drop off his letter to Santa :)

This was our first year going to Bustard's and the staff were great and the selection of trees was huge.

                                             My love for snowmen is still alive and well .

    Here is our beauty ... slightly on the short side .. and seriously FAT !   I pretty much love it !!

We were on our way home and stopped off at a quaint little area that had a couple restaurants and an amazing antique shop.  These little wise men caught my eye .. handmade and vintage looking .. so pretty.

                                                                Yes....more snowmen

We were a little hungry and so we stopped at one of the restaurants called 19  Bella .. a Mediterranean byob.   The food was one of the best meals we have ever had, the table settings were so unique and different.  I loved every little detail ... right down to the gorgeous plates and woven bread bowl.  And did I say the olives were to die for ?  Olives , feta , artisan bread and olive oil.  I think I could live off of those things for the rest of my life !

                                                   We will definitely be visiting here again !!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last of the Etsy Christmas lot ...

The time has come to list the last of my Christmas offerings for this year - I have sold quite a few things over the past couple weeks which makes me very happy !  I appreciate everyone who has purchased something from me or even just taken the time to browse my shop and favorite some items.

My latest additions are a few more vintage style ornaments that I have really enjoyed making-there will definitely be more of these next Christmas .. and I possibly have a few ideas for some Valentines ones in the upcoming weeks.

There are also a few more altered matchboxes -- great for advent countdown calendars , little treats in stockings or tiny messages from secret pals :)

I also have a few more mini journals in the works -- they will be added this weekend.  And then my studio will be all pinks, reds , whites .. and hearts !  I have some cute Valentine ideas and can't wait to get started on those soon . But first I really need to start my December "Daily" album.  I have Daily in quotation marks because I just don't have enough material to do daily pages -- during the week I work and sleep for the most part lol .. and there isn't too much holiday merry in that !   So , I do an every few days album that features the highlights of the season.  As soon as I have some of that finished up I will share it here with you .

Till next time I hope you will check out the new items in the shop and maybe find something that catches your eye and needs to be yours ...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tag ..You're it !!

I am winding down with adding Christmas themed items to my shop and these tags are the latest creations to be available.  I only have enough supplies for 3 sets so when they are gone - they are gone!  I had fun making them and I am sure I will come up with some cute Winter as well as Valentine themed ones but I think these are perfect for the Christmas holidays.  They would be fun to glitz up a pretty package or to add some festive- ness to your December Daily pages !

They are in the shop as I write this and I have some ornaments and new mini journals coming in the next couple days .  I have sold almost all of the mini journals that I currently have up but there are 2 left I think !

Have a peaceful rest of the night and I will share more shop additions in the next day or so. We are finally decorating the house tomorrow night  and next weekend we are going to get our tree !!!  So lots of fun pictures of those things will be up on here this week as well.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Back in the Day Christmas Holiday

I adore anything vintage .. especially anything that is vintage Christmas.  These ornaments that I created while playing around in my studio evoke that type of imagery to me and I am pretty excited about them!  I have quite a few more in the works and I will be adding them as I go .. I plan to wrap up the addition of any Christmas themed items by the middle of this month . So if you see something you like grab it :)   These are all one of a kind as will any other ornaments I add to the shop. Each one is hand painted , hand glittered and the embellishments thoughfully added one by one.

I know it isn't even Christmas yet but I have quite a few Valentine themed vintage ornaments that I am dreaming up so be sure to keep a lookout after Christmas for those to be available.  Who wouldn't want a cute little red or white tree decorated with sweet ornaments ?! Plus the bright pinks, reds and whites will help to get rid of the winter drearies .

These will be in the shop by midnight tonight !

Monday, November 30, 2015

Only 24 more days ....

And it will be Christmas already !!  I can't believe tomorrow is December 1 .. the last month of 2015 is here ... I feel like the ball just dropped a couple months ago !!  I say this every year , just like I am sure many others do as well.  I just can't help but be suprised at how quickly time passes in some ways .. in other ways so slowly.

I wanted to share more tags that are up in my shop as of late .. I've sold the first set but I believe there are still 7 or so available. These are some of my favorite tags .. lots of fun to put together !

I am putting the finishing touches on some of my most favorite ornaments .. they really are different  and will look beautiful on a Christmas tree.   They will be in the shop tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest .. I will share them here and on my instagram once they are ready .  
       Have a great December 1 !!