Saturday, September 13, 2014

Birchbox .. I love you

A friend of mine had recently told me about another monthly makeup/skin care subscription program and I figured I would try it out.  It's just like Ipsy although this one is geared more towards skin care whereas Ipsy is more makeup based.  A pretty nice balance I think between the two of them...and the fact that each of them is only $10.00 a month (shipping is free) you really can't go wrong .  I love to try out new things but I definitely do not want to put out the money and then possibly not like it so these 2 plans are fun and very worthwhile .
The above photo is my first box from Birchbox and I love it all...the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing, the BB cream is nice and the perfect hue for me. I have wanted to try the Shiseido serum but the price is way beyond my budget .. it's still nice to be able to try it out and if I like it enough possibly invest in it in the future.  The only thing I may not use is the push up liner.  I use very little makeup on my eyes and the cat eye look is not really for me but I will probably still try it just to see how it looks.

Even the box itself is adorable ... who can resist the pretty chevron design inside ??

It also comes with a little info card --- this is the front of the card.

And this is the back .. it tells you all of the products that were included in your box along with a description of them, how to use them and the price for the full size product.  I like this little extra .. very helpful addition.

Being the crafty gal that I am I could not throw this cool little box away .. I figured there had to be some use for it .  And ... it now houses my Zettiology rubber stamps .  You gotta love artsy recycling:)

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