Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's November ... already ?!

Halloween has come and gone .. the clocks have been turned back ..I swear there was a time warp somewhere in there !  It's so hard to believe that it is November already .. only 12 more school days till the Thanksgiving Holiday break . The malls have already begun decorating for the holidays and Santa's arrival .  I remember when they used to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up his little wonderland where the kids can sit on his lap and have their picture taken.  We were at the mall this weekend and Santa himself wasn't there but his wonderland was !   Decorating won't be happening here until after Thanksgiving  - I usually do it that weekend after the excitement of Black Friday shopping ... yes .. I am one of those people amongst the crowds seeking out good deals and trying to get much of my shopping done.  It's a fun tradition that we have been doing since Jess was a baby .. but we don't get too crazy.. I do sleep in till 10:00 am :)

So, I finally had some time to create some holiday goodies this weekend . I wanted to get a head start on adding things to my etsy shoppe so these items will be uploaded sometime tonight !

First I made these fun little block photo holders ... I plan on making all sorts of designs with these for those who want to use them during the rest of the year and not just during the holidays .

These photos are in various stages of creating them ..

And here they are all ready to go !

I also made a set of tags with some new papers and stamps that I bought a little while ago .  I adhered patterned paper to manila tags to make them more sturdy ..

I decided to use raffia instead of ribbon for a more festive touch !

I need  to work on more pages for the  Sketchbook Project so I will be doing that the rest of the week. I would love to have it finished before the weekend so I can do some other fun Christmas projects .  Here is a peek at the materials I will be using ..

 And I am excitedly looking forward to next weekend because a few friends and I are heading to NYC for an overnight girl's trip !  I am hoping we get to do Top of the Rockefeller .. have always wanted to do it and just never gotten around to it .  Of course eating, shopping and just good old girlie time will take place too !  I finally got an Iphone and downloaded the Instagram app as soon as it was in my !  I think it is the main reason I love the phone so much .. well .. that and Itunes :)  So I plan on taking mucho pictures our our fun times and will be sure to share them here !


  1. I adore the tags! And what lovely additions everything will make to your shop :) I must check it out.

    I am also a Black Friday crazy person... except my husband and I get up before the crack of dawn... 3am-ish. I just love the feeling of shopping at a ridiculous hour, then going to brunch, then taking a nice looooong nap once home :)

    Have fun in NYC!

  2. I love the photo holders! Super cute and a great idea.

    Thanks so much for the comment regarding Artfest on my blog. I think there will be a lot of tears as it ends!


  3. The photo holders are amazing -- GREAT job! :)

  4. Gorgeous work Donna. I so love them all! :o) x

  5. I just re-read your Black Friday comments. I know about it, but I am somehow relieved that we don't have anything like it here in Germany. It seems a bit overwhelming at times -- trying to find the best deal and such... Last year (the German branch) had Black Friday deals for the very first time. As far as I remember that didn't work all that well, as many customers didn't get what they wanted and weren't all that happy about that. I don't think they will have another event like that.