Monday, November 14, 2011

Crafting Mojo

After an amazing weekend with wonderful friends .. delicious food .. yummy cupcakes and tons of laughter I am still a little whooped . I think I would sleep for the next 24 hours if I could !

Here is some Instagram photo fun from our NYC adventures ...

The first 3 are from Central Park .. it was a gorgeous day .. warm and sunny .. a perfect day for a little stroll.

The next picture is from Crumbs Bake many different flavors of cupcakes .. so yummy!

I am going to be making a mini scrapbook from the all of the photos I took . I used postal pix to have them printed and mailed to me . It's a great little app for the Iphone and the printing / mailing is decently priced !

I spent a good part of today in my studio .. and here is what I made ...

More Christmas goodies for my etsy shoppe !  They were lots of fun to make and would look adorable on a mantel or table .  I used styrofoam cones , different colored yarns, and pretty colored sparkly embellishments . 

I still need to get back to work on my Treehouse Sketchbook .. hopefully tomorrow will be the day!

So... who else is looking forward to Breaking Dawn this weekend and The Muppets on Thanksgiving  ?! 


  1. Hi Donna,

    Great to hear that you had such a wonderful time with your friends. Those Central Park photos are fantastic -- makes me wish I could hop on the next plane to New York. :)

    Your Christmas trees are just lovely -- what a great idea for Christmas decoration.

    I won't watch Breaking Dawn in the movies. While I truly enjoyed the books (I read them way before all the hype), I am not really fascinated with the movies after all. I watched Twilight on the big screen, but that was it. I could borrow the next two movies at the library (in my case the Book Bus), so at least I could follow the movie version.

    I enjoyed watching The Muppets when I was a child, but I wouldn't watch the movie on the big screen after all.


  2. Donna - I, too love NYC - I have visited approx a half dozen times and I will never tire of this great city - Love your Central Park pics, your holiday trees are also lovely ...