Monday, October 24, 2011

You had me at Picasa

 In case you have never heard of the amazing ..awesomely easy .. did I mention amazing .. and free.. photo editing software called Picasa then you need to check it out !  If you are not a fan of Photoshop due to the fact that you cannot figure out html or ckzl or any of those other coding words .. lol.. then Picasa is for you .
I have tried to figure out Photoshop and I can do slightly minimal things on it but creating a banner for my blog or etsy shoppe was futile.  I applaud those who can whip up things left and right on Photoshop but this gal is now in love with Picasa !

I found a super easy tutorial for banners on Blissfully Domestic .. I followed all of the instructions as they are laid out and I was able to make my banner for this blog in no time !  When I have more time I will probably fool around with it and see what other designs I can come up with but with trying to get my Sketchbook done and making some Christmas items for my etsy shop I am way behind on free time !  So for now I am enjoying my new little self created banner.

I also created one for my etsy shop which is the image at the the top of this post.  AND I was pretty excited to finally have the chance to change my shop name .  I wanted something different and fun and after brainstorming for quite sometime it came to me ... Adventures of a PaperGirl .  When I am up in my studio creating I always feel like I am on a new adventure .. discovering new ideas for projects and items to sell. The PaperGirl part is a bit of a play on words .. instead of a paperboy delivering his goods I am a PaperGirl .. I use paper in pretty much everything I create and I adore all kinds of paper !!

After I get my sketchbook almost completed I will be getting some items finished up for the shoppe .. I have a few fun things on the way .. altered photo blocks, paper trees, and gift tags for a start!
Once I have them all ready I will post them on here first to give you a sneak peek !

And tomorrow I will finally be able to show you my completed cover and the first couple pages spreads of my sketchbook !


  1. I am just popping in to say thanks for visiting my Halloween party! It is interesting to read your post about Picassa. I have not tried it. I used to be very frustrated with photoshop but then did a Kim Klassen course and suddelny it all made sense! But Picassa sounds good!

  2. I do use Photoshop but not very well! LOL...I'll definately check out Picasa. Thanks for the info! Thanks also for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment! Oh...I subscribed, too! xoxo