Friday, October 28, 2011

Dreaming Trees

I just may get this sketchbook book done much sooner than I thought .. we are supposed to get a Noreaster here tomorrow .. I am still like whhhhaaaaat ??!!  It is only October !!  If you couldn't already tell I am not a fan of the wet stuff .. the cold .. winter in general I seriously think I was born in the wrong state .  I definitely belong in a much warmer climate .  California would be my first choice !  Hopefully one day my family can uproot and make a new home in the sunny city of San Diego but until then I must deal with the my not so favorite season.

Here are the next two layouts of my sketchbook :

And speaking of trees .. if money grew on them I would be buying these things :

I am in serious want of this beautiful contraption .. but at $299.00 it will be quite awhile before I get one.

These adorable mini envies from vintage papers and such .. amazing price too from Nouveau Nancy

This stunning and very unique sterling cuff .. so gorgeous .. from Spoonier

I can't begin to tell you how much I have fallen in love with the quirky black cat necklace and this beautiful Dia De Los Muertos ring from Kasket Kustoms.

Maybe I can treat myself to at least one of those things .. excluding the Cameo that is !


  1. I absolutely adore your little tree book Donna!

  2. Loving your scrapbook - Did you finish it, or is it something you are continuing to work on? Did you treat yourself to any of these items, listed above? Hope so!