Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 5 - Someone I love

There are so many family members I could have chosen for this .. my daughter, my husband, our 2 dogs , our 10 cats .. but the daughter and hubby are fast asleep so I chose our newest adopted ball of fur .. Poe :) Some may think I am a crazy cat lady and I do love cats as well as all other animals but we didn't plan on having 10 cats .. it just happened that way .  I have written about the feral cat colonies we have taken care of for the past 2 1/2 years and all but one of our kitties have come from the 2 colonies that we take care of . Our vet is a angel and have given her about 20 kittens since we started caring for these colonies . She works with us and a few other caregivers of other colonies to adopt the kittens out to good homes . The 10 that we have kept over the last couple years weaved their way into our hearts and stayed :) 
Thankfully the cats in our colonies are now spayed/neutered so there will not be any more kittens .. Poe was one of the last litters from this summer and the minute I saw him I knew he would not be leaving . He is all whiskers and eyebrows .. he is a quirky little cutie that melted our hearts ♥

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