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Smitten but not bitten...



I am so excited that Twilight premieres this weekend - I am one of the few who have not yet read the books . (although when I do have some time I plan on doing that!)  And I usually like to read the book before I see the movie but I never did that with any of the Harry Potter series and have adored them from the start .   I know many bookstores and places of that nature are hosting little Twilight specials and parties which should be fun .  I also read a news story on the actual town where Twilight takes place and let me tell you ...they are in for some real treats!!  If I lived close enough to Forks, Washington I would be flying right on over there.

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If Forks' favorite vampire-human couple decided to make a movie date out of the "Twilight" premiere on Nov. 21, where would they see the show? The misty, one-stoplight town where they fell in love doesn't have a cinema.

A former timber capital, Forks -- population, 3,175 -- hides between mountains and grey, windy coast on the far edge of the Olympic peninsula in Washington state. A lush, green and isolated Eden, Forks gets a whopping 10 to 12 feet of rain a year. Author Stephenie Meyer had never visited before setting the first of her "Twilight" series there; she searched the Web for somewhere wet and dark (where vampires might feel at home) and found Forks. To date, the books have sold over 17 million copies, putting Forks on the map as a tourist destination.

So where would the books' teen couple Edward and Bella catch a flick on a Friday night?

The historic Lincoln Theater, of course, in Port Angeles -- about 45 miles from Forks. In the books, it's where Bella and Jacob mocked the movie "Crosshairs" and two doors down from the restaurant Bella Italia, where the star-crossed sweethearts had their first dinner rendezvous. Next door is Port Book and News, where Bella strolled past just before her inborn danger magnet drew local thugs and Edward sped to her rescue.

Other than Bella Italia, not all Port Angeles' "Twilight" sites are specifically named in the books. Yet, as these locales fit Meyer's literary landscape best, they've become the living landmarks that imitate her art -- and make Port Angeles a Twilighter hub, second only to Forks.

First blood: Port Angeles premieres
On Friday, Nov. 21, the Lincoln and the Port Angeles Downtown Association will do their best to set the "Twilight" mood for the premiere. That includes showing the film on two of the tiny theater's three screens. One seats about 163 people, the other 179. Queue up for your ticket on the 21st, no advance purchase permitted. It's the fairest way, according to the theater owner. Especially in light of the flood of fans expected to overtake a venue that its Assistant Manager Kaitlin says hasn't sold out "since 'Jackass Number Two.'"

Bella italia 


After you see the show (if you're so lucky) follow the red carpet leading from the Lincoln to Bella Italia for a meal of Bella Swan's favorite mushroom ravioli. Be careful not to spill sauce on your prom dress or drop your fangs in your drink. The festivities include a character look-alike contest, plus a gothic fashion show and a test-your-"Twilight"-trivia-IQ scavenger hunt with prizes from the film's production company.

The town fountain -- at the far end of the block from the theater -- will serve as the hub of the Swan-Cullen fun. But businesses throughout the area will offer "Twilight" specials and display their true-blood colors with red and black décor. As the town only recently received permission to host the film, many local merchants' premiere-day plans are still in the works. (So look forward to "Twilight" surprises around every corner.)

Other special spots and photo ops to add to your itinerary include Gottschalks Department store, where Bella shopped for her prom dress, and Port Book and News -- which, in addition to books, sells replicas of the heart-shaped crystal charm Edward gave Bella.


New love: Dazzled by Twilight opens
On Saturday, Nov. 22, Forks' first all-"Twilight" all-the-time shop, Dazzled by Twilight, celebrates its grand opening. Owner Annette Root was so dazzled by the saga herself that she began collecting "Twilight"-themed art and memorabilia. During her first pilgrimage to Forks she was disappointed to discover that no one business featured "Twilight." So she went home -- to Vancouver, Wash. -- and decided to create the mecca she'd been missing herself. A few months later she was back in Forks, prepping her new store for its grand opening.

As an ardent fan, she stocks her shelves with the essential souvenirs most Bella- and Edward-adoring hearts expect and desire: T-shirts, books, CDs, jewelry, book-cover-art-inspired trinkets (apple antenna toppers, chess pieces) and Christmas decorations (for a very merry "Twilight" Christmas). But possibly the best keepsakes Root offers are those that fans don't expect. She consigns many of her wares from Twilight-inspired artists from across the country. Acquisitions include everything from decals and soap dispensers to paintings. Her Bella bracelets come in six different versions (so far). "Each one speaks to a different person." As an avid collector, she laughs, "Every time I get a new box I usually have to buy a few things myself." Fans interested in hawking their "Twilight" masterpieces are welcome to contact the store.

After having been open only a few weeks, with much of its stock still coming in, Dazzled by Twilight is already a busy beacon for Forks buffs. Dedicated to both the store and fellow Twilighters Root offers to open her doors after hours for any visiting fan. She lives upstairs from the shop. Forks is "a magical place" she now calls home.

For the moment, at least. She's not ready to commit to an eternity.

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It definitely sounds like they are going to have an amazing weekend of fun in Forks and Port Angeles , Wa.   The look-a-like contest and gothic fashion show would be a must for me to attend!  And I believe I could spend a few hours in the Dazzled by Twilight store - I think that would be worth a trip to the town all on its own!  I did click on the link and it states that there will be a website coming soon - I will need to keep checking on that . 

We are going to the movie on Sunday - I'll post my thoughts after I see it !










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