Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Gatherings

Kari Ramstrom is hosting a super wonderful Autumn Home blog party today and I am excited to join in the fun and seeall of the other inspiring bloggers that are gathering for the part as well!  If you haven't checked out Kari's blog you really should - it's beautiful!!

I've actually already posted a good bit of my decorated house in the posts below but I have a few more to share with you today for this special ocassion!

I love decorating for fall - rust, orange, brown, deep reds and yellows have always been my favorite colors . I adore them so much that I couldn't resist painting my living room walls in a rustic orange hue !  I can't wait to get our pumpkins this weekend -I'm hoping to find quite a few of those really cool white pumpkins . They are beautiful yet spooky.  I'll be sure to keep a few of them for decoration just as they are and the rest will be for carving. I am going to try to do a Jack (from Nightmare before Christmas) pumpkin and also a Sam (from Trick R Treat) pumpkin...we'll see how those turn out !

I found this beautiful vase and sunflower at Yankee Candle a couple weeks ago and found the perfect little table for it, along with those mini pumpkins and squash that I think are so cute!


This is a little arrangement that I have on the dining room table . I purchased the cinnamon scented pinecones at Michaels - they really make the room smell delicious!  And my two little villians , my cats, just love batting them around - I have to rearrange them at least once a day !


We saw this gorgeous piece for sale at Terrain. It is totally handmade in India and you can feel the workmanship put into this piece when you touch it. When I have my dream country home I would love to add a piece like this in my dining room.


I have finally drawn a winner for the 2 goodie boxes I created . I put all of the names of those who commented on that post into a hat and the winner is :  Shell!!  I will be contacting you to get your address so I can mail them out to you!

Stay tuned for pumpkin picking and carving this weekend!


  1. Your piece from India is fabulous...I'm going out for some scented pinecones!

  2. What lovely Autumn decor...and the piece from India...WOW!!!
    Thanks for joining in the fun. I really enjoyed my visit:)

  3. Love that piece from India. Had to giggle thinking about the cats playing with the pine cones. They are always entertainment!

  4. Oh, those are pretty pieces! Happy Autumn Gathering!
    Please stop by and say Hi,

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