Friday, December 7, 2007

A Forest for my dreams...

One of my favorite things to do during this time of the year is to drive around and admire all of the beautiful lights that adorn the houses in the area.  I am more of a simple and elegant gal that loves all white lights . I am not much for all of the blow up characters and bright colors - the white lights add just a touch of sparkle and alot of beauty, especially against a backdrop of falling snow.   

I saw a few trees that were draped so beautifully in all white lights.  It made me wish for an entire forest of naked trees , all glimmering and covered in white lights ; gorgeous winter sky above , a light dusting of snow on the ground, and just me and the moon as my guide keeping me company as I walk through this forest in my dreams.   

I tried to find an image of this enchanted place but could not find anything that captured what I see in my mind, although I did find a couple photos that are beautiful as well as magical...


This is the closest I could come to what I had pictured , except all of the trees would have the white lights adorning them.


This picture did not come out as large or as clear as I wanted but you can get the idea...wouldn't this be a perfect little winter hideaway?  Bundle up in your warmest coat,  a bottle of wine and some candles and enjoy the beauty of silence.   I'm sure I won't come across this tree in my waking travels but I can go there in my dreams.

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  1. Love the trees Donna I am the same no circus just lovely tiny white lights! Hey listen gf please keep doing the books,we need you so much! LOVE you for doing that for us. The new and the old need fatbooks for our old age one day. I promise I love to pull them out and look at them when I am so down.